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3rd International Fresenius GHS Conference

Implementing the CLP Regulation

Questions and answers on the core issues of the GHS

24.11.2011 to 25.11.2011 in Mainz/Germany


Regulatory Issues on Classification and Labelling

  • Main challenges of implementing the CLP Regulation
  • Rights and obligations of downstream useres and distributors
  • ECHA experiences with the CLP Notification
  • Implementing GHS in Europe and worldwide
  • Enforcement
  • Work of the Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS

Interaction with and Impact on other Regulations

  • Repercussions on other management instruments
  • GHS-Transport: to what extent are the two systems harmonised?
  • Impact on cosmetics industry

Consequences of GHS on Safety Data Sheets

  • View and advise from a chemical producer and a donwstream user

Classification and Labelling

  • New Guidance Document for labelling
  • Case studies for classification of mixtures regarding health, environment and physical hazards

Team of experts

Marie-Noëlle Blaude Scientific Institute of Public Health | Michaël Bogaert Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport | Marie-Elène Boivin Notox | Paul W. Brigandi CGI Technologies and Solutions | Evelyn Coelis The European Cosmetics Association (COLIPA) | Sabine Darschnik German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) | Helmut Deden Ministry for Labour, Integration and Social Affairs of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia | Peter J. Donnelly APD Scientific | Helmut Fleig formerly BASF | Robin Foster Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | Rosa Garcia Couto United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNEGE) | Anita Hillmer Volkswagen | Anja Klauk European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) | Michael Pätzold IMCD | Lei Shi Currenta | Simon Steinmeyer Chemetall | Lorens van Dam Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency | Jan van der Kolk Eco Conseil

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