10th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "Detergents and Cleaning Products"

26.04. - 27.04.2018, Atrium Hotel Mainz/Germany

10th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "Detergents and Cleaning Products"

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Efficiency Testing

  • Latest test results from Stiftung Warentest
  • Reckitt Benckiser laboratory test approach: Hygiene and malodours in washing machines
  • Rinsing performance of hand dishwashing liquids
  • Challenges in domestic hygiene: Current issues in laundry hygiene and in hygiene of food-associated appliances

Trends and Innovations

  • Consumer snapshots: Insights on pearls, pouches, pads and wipes
  • Product development: Evolution of consumer predictive test methods at Procter & Gamble
  • Formulating with enzymes in liquid ADW detergents and in fabric softeners
  • Liquid laundry detergents: Solutions for low temperature washing

Environmental and Regulatory Aspects

  • The future of certified sustainable palm oil in detergents and cleaning products
  • Update on disinfectants under the BPR: options for formulators to defend their products
  • Sustainable washing – a detergent manufacturer’s strategy

Who do you meet?

Groups that should take part:

Managers and Scientists in the fields of

  • Research & Development
  • Application Technology
  • Marketing
  • Quality Assurance

Sectors that should take part:

  • Detergents and cleaning products manufacturers
  • Raw Materials producers and suppliers
  • Household appliance and hardware manufacturers
  • Testing laboratories

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Get-together on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Will you arrive on Wednesday? Come to the hotel bar at 8 p.m. and meet other participants and experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

8.30 Registration and coffee
9.00 Welcome address by the organisers and introduction by the Chair
Leo Gros
, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences,Germany

Markets & Trends

9.10 Consumer snapshots: Insights on detergents and cleaning products

  • Amazon & Co: How does eCommerce change consumers’ shopping strategies?
  • Design & Gamification: Pearls, pouches, pads and wipes
  • Smart Everything: What makes consumers interested in window cleaning robots and connected washing machines?

Stephan Telschow, GIM Market Research, Germany

9.40 The global surfactants market

  • Global overview of the surfactants demand and current situation in HI&I applications
  • Trends, drivers and forecasts for the demand in HI&I applications
  • Brief overview of other applications (personal care, other industrial applications like crop protection,lubricants etc.)

Nikola Matic, Kline & Company, Czech Republic

10.10 USA – How to test ADW products for the US market

  • Available methods and perspectives

Bianca Nerowski, SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

10.30 Panel discussion

10.45 Coffee break

Aspects of Hygiene

11.15 Regulatory aspects: Update on disinfectants under the BPR

  • The BPR and disinfectants
  • Status of the active substances in disinfectants
  • Options for formulators to defend their products
  • Consortia

Michael Fink, DHI, Denmark

11.45 Old and new challenges in domestic hygiene

  • The balance between hygiene and sustainability
  • Current issues in laundry hygiene
  • Hygiene of food-associated appliances
  • From scientific results to consumer education

Dirk Bockmühl, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

12.15 Panel discussion

12.30 Lunch


14.00 Consumer habits are evolving – are our test methods keeping up with that?

  • Developing products that delight consumers requires a focus on consumer predictive test methods
  • Changing consumer habits require an evolution of existing test methods

Katharina Baumgarten, Procter & Gamble, Belgium

14.30 Formulating with enzymes in liquid automatic dishwashing detergents

  • Liquid automatic dishwashing detergents: Consumer needs and market trends
  • Challenges related to formulating with liquid enzymes
  • New enzyme solutions for improved soil removal and stability

Mónica Ochoa Ruiz, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, The Netherlands

15.00 Panel discussion

15.10 Coffee break

15.40 Fabric softeners – new benefits for a well-known product group

  • Differentiation between fabric softeners
  • Fuzz and pills
  • Fabric Care & Colour Care
  • Repair & Care

Barbara Dücker, Novozymes, Denmark

16.10 Smart solutions for high performing liquid laundry detergents

  • Different liquid formulations
  • Low temperature wash
  • Enzymes and polymers

Jürgen Franke, BASF, Germany

16.40 Panel discussion

17.00 End of the first conference day

18.15 Departure time for the evening event

At the end of the first conference day, Akademie Fresenius invites you to a leisurely evening in the local wine growing region. Enjoy a wine tasting and a great meal at the cellars of the winery Klostermühle and continue the day‘s networking activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Environmental Aspects

9.00 The RSPO and Certified Sustainable Palm Oil today

  • An introduction to the RSPO and the journey so far
  • How certification works and claims that can be made
  • Palm oil used in detergents and cleaning products and the complexity
  • The future of CSPO in your sector and the benefits

Judith Murdoch, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

9.30 Nordic Swan Ecolabel revisions within the detergent category

  • Cleaning products version 6
  • Hand dishwashing detergents version 6
  • Laundry detergents and stain removers, under revision

Thor Hirsch, Ecolabelling Norway

10.00 Sustainable washing – a detergent manufacturer’s strategy

Katharina Marquardt, Procter & Gamble Scientific Communication DACH, Germany

10.30 Panel discussion

11.00 Coffee break

Testing & Performance

11.30 Hygiene and malodours in washing machines: A laboratory test approach

  • Hygiene and malodour issues
  • What is hidden in a washing machine?
  • Microbiota analysis and strain selection
  • Bench top approach to replicate the washing machine malodour problem

Federico Pacini, Reckitt Benckiser, Italy

12.00 Performance tests

  • Case 1: Rinsing performance of hand dishwashing liquids
  • Case 2: How do ADW detergents perform on grease? Methods for performance testing

Matthäus Ryl and Lisa Bragenheim, SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

12.30 New criteria for consumer-relevant testing of glass cleaning agents

  • Criteria for comparative testing of glass cleaning agents
  • Current study: Focus on consumer-relevant aspects such as cleaning performance and streaking as well as handling, safety, health and environmental properties

Sara Wagner-Leifhelm, Stiftung Warentest, Germany

13.00 Final discussion
13.30 Lunch and end of the conference





Katharina Baumgarten

Procter & Gamble, Belgium

Katharina Baumgarten is responsible for global product development of dish washing detergents at Procter & Gamble in Belgium. She has a PhD in biochemistry and broad experiences across fabric care, surface cleaners, dish and food & beverages.


Dirk Bockmühl

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Dirk Bockmühl obtained his PhD in Microbiology on the molecular pathogenicity of Candida albicans. Until 2010 he worked in the consumer goods industry, where he was responsible for numerous microbiological projects for cosmetics and the laundry and home care sector. Afterwards he changed to the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve, Germany, as a professor for hygiene and microbiology. His research interest is in domestic hygiene, especially in the development of consumer-related test methods for laundry and cleaning, and in the research on microbial communities in the domestic setting. Professor Bockmühl is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Sepawa and a board member of the division "Chemistry of Laundering" in the German Chemical Society (GDCh).


Lisa Bragenheim

SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

Lisa Bragenheim is working for SGS Institut Fresenius in Germany as Customer Service Consultant since May 2015. She is responsible for performance tests of laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents.


Barbara Dücker

Novozymes, Denmark

Barbara Dücker is working as a HHC Market & Insights Manager at Novozymes A/S in Denmark. She is focusing on external relations, new applications, market overview and trends in products, formulations and tests. Previously she worked as Head of Technical Customer Support at Reckitt Benckiser / Propack and as Technical Manager at Clariant.


Michael Fink

DHI, Denmark

Michael Fink is the Biocidal Regulatory Expert at DHI specializing in the BPR and the associated regulations. Michael Fink is part of the biocides team at DHI, which has helped industry to obtain authorisations of disinfectants, in-situ generated biocides and preservatives. He has evaluated toxicological risk assessments, human exposure scenarios and efficacy of dossiers on biocides on behalf of both the authorities and industry. He is highly experienced in providing strategic advice for industry in planning cost efficient authorisations of biocidal products. Michael has experience in managing consortia and is highly skilled in negotiating with ECHA and member states competent authorities.


Jürgen Franke

BASF, Germany

Jürgen Franke is responsible for the application technology laboratory for liquid laundry detergents at BASF. He has been working at BASF for 10 years and started in the cosmetic field bevor switching over to the home care and I&I area.


Leo Gros

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Germany

In 2016, Leo Gros retired as a Professor at Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences after 35 years of service. From 1997 until 2013 he was the Vice-President for the Department of Chemistry & Biology as well as for International Relations (University and Practice Cooperation). He is now a member of the University Advisory Board and Special Delegate to the University Executive Committee.


Thor Hirsch

Ecolabelling Norway

Thor Hirsch is an Environmental Advisor at Nordic Ecolabelling in Norway. He is engaged in the development of criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel within chemical technical product groups. Also, he works on certifications of products that have applied for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel.


Katharina Marquardt

P&G, Germany

Katharina Marquardt is responsible for the science communication of Procter & Gamble in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One focus of her work is the sustainability initiatives of P&G and the cooperation with environmental protection organizations and scientific expert groups. She has been working for P&G for 20 years and has held various leadership positions in research and development during this time.


Judith Murdoch

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Judith Murdoch has been working in the palm oil industry for more than 10 years and has worked with the RSPO team for the last three years. She collected experience in sales, marketing, communication and management in the food manufacturing sector as a whole. She also has in-depth knowledge in the field of sustainability and has led marketing and CSR functions at a global edible oils business level. Having worked for one of the founding members of the RSPO, Judith has unrivalled experience, breadth and depth of knowledge of the palm oil supply chain.


Bianca Nerowski

SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

Bianca Nerowski is Operational Lab Manager Personal & Home Care in the field of Consumer Testing Services at SGS Institut Fresenius in Germany.

Ochoa Ruiz

Mónica Ochoa Ruiz

DuPont Industrial Biosciences, The Netherlands

Mónica Ochoa Ruiz is responsible for the global marketing for dishwashing at DuPont Industrial Biosciences in The Netherlands. She has a MScs in Biotechnology and until 2017 she was part of the Home and Personal Care Applications Group.


Federico Pacini

Reckitt Benckiser, Italy

Federico Pacini is Senior R&D Microbiologist at Reckitt Benckiser in Italy. Currently, he is responsible for microbiology in dish and fabric R&D centers. He has coordinated the project and has set up the lab protocols to investigate the consumers’ washing machines hygiene. Thanks to his background in biotechnology and his PhD in public health, he ensured that the microbiota isolated were assessed not only from hygiene perspective, but from consumer perception (malodors) point of view as well.


Carlos J. Ruiz Laguna

Kline & Company


Matthäus Ryl

SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

After 5 years as a Project and Lab Leader for Hard Surface Cleaning at SGS Institut Fresenius, Matthäus Ryl moved to the Sales Department, where he is responsible for Sales of the Detergent Category.


Stephan Telschow

GIM Market Research, Germany

Stephan Telschow is a Market Researcher working for GIM Market Research at the Berlin location. As Head of POS Research he specializes in shopper behavior and shopper insights. GIM is one of the leading independent market research institutes in Germany.


Sara Wagner-Leifhelm

Stiftung Warentest, Germany

Sara Wagner-Leifhelm holds a PhD in analytical chemistry. She is currently working as a project manager for Stiftung Warentest and is engaged in the testing of washing and cleaning agents among others. She has several years of experience in analytical and product development in an industrial environment.



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