19th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "The Biocidal Products Regulation"

21.10. - 22.10.2020, Leonardo Royal Hotel Köln - Am Stadtwald

19th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "The Biocidal Products Regulation"

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You are asking yourself, whether you will be able to travel this autumn and whether to book this conference right now?

We all wish to go back to normal and as of June 2020 we have been able to implement on-site meetings, here in Germany. However, our social responsibility and the health of our customers, employees and speakers are of the utmost importance for us, which is why we closely monitor the developments and comply with the current recommendations of the authorities. That is why we guarantee that you can rebook all events booked with us at any time and free of charge - this way you maintain full flexibility with your planning! If the circumstances do not allow for an on-site meeting later this year, we will change this conference into a virtual meeting. We promise, that we will inform you about any developments in due course!


Regulatory Aspects

  • Latest update from the EU Commission
  • ECHA’s current activities regarding biocides
  • Progress and challenges regarding the aims of the BPR
  • Latest developments of the Korea BPR

Endocrine Disruptors

  • Application regarding the ED criteria – authority and industry view 

Treated Articles

  • Methods to assess the risk of human contact with treated articles
  • Preservation of articles

Specific Regulatory Areas

  • Member state experience with in situ generated active substances
  • In situ substances in the BPR – a device manufacturer´s view
  • Industry perspective on biocidal product families
  • The Ctgb on their experience with biocidal product families

Current Legal Challenges

• BPR and Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
• New challenges of data sharing under the BPR

Receive the latest information directly from the most relevant regulatory authorities and experts from industry and academia!

Who do you meet?

You will meet authorities, such as directors, heads, managers and consultants of:

  •     Legal and regulatory affairs 
  •     Registration and authorisation 
  •     Research and development 
  •     Product safety 
  •     Product management 
  •     Regulatory science

Sectors taking part: 

  •     Chemical and biocides industry 
  •     Producers of biocidal products 
  •     Industrial, professional and downstream users of biocides  
  •     Research institutes 
  •     Regulatory authorities 
  •     Environmental and health risk consultants 
  •     Professional associations

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Get-Together on Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Will you arrive on Monday? Come into the hotel bar at 8 p.m. and meet other participants and experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

8.30 Registration & coffee
9.00 Welcome address by Akademie Fresenius and introduction by the Chair
Michael Werner
, Prosacon, Germany

Regulatory Aspects

9.10 ECHA’s current activities regarding biocides

Carmen Estevan Martínez, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Finland

9.35 Updates from the EU Commission

Vincent Delvaux, European Commission, Belgium

10.00 An authority perspective on the aims of the BPR

  • An overview of aims of the BPR
  • Progress and challenges
  • The place of the BPR in ongoing chemical legislation development
  • Will we achieve the aims?

Mary Iakovidou, Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI), Sweden

10.25 Coffee break

10.55 Korea BPR – Implementation

  • Brief overview of K-BPR
  • Current progress and future direction
  • Implementation for applicants
  • EU-BPR vs K-BPR

Sam Lee, Chemtopia, South Korea

Endocrine Disruptors

11.20 Endocrine disruption – authority view

  • Experiences with applying the ECHA/EFSA ED guidance
  • Experiences with reviewing the first ED assessments
  • Experiences and developments for ED assessment of biocidal products

Stine Jensen, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Denmark

11.45 Applying the ED criteria to biocides – have we lost the plot?

  • Availability, sufficiency and more delays
  • The nightmare facing biocidal products
  • Time for a reality check

Andy Adams, Bayer Crop Science, France

12.10 Panel discussion
12.50 Lunch

Treated Articles

14.15 Treated Articles – efficacy of treated articles, what does this mean and how to prove it?
Preservation of articles

  • Proof of effect required for those with secondary claims

David Ashworth, Klarus Consulting, United Kingdom

14.40 Treated Articles – human health risk assessment, is there a risk and how should we manage it

  • Methods used to assess the risk of human contact with treated articles
  • Role of the ‘precautionary principle’ in the decision making process for biocide active substances
  • Improvements to the regulatory process

Andrew Goodyear, ERM, United Kingdom

15.05 Coffee break

Current Legal Challenges

15.35 Data sharing under the BPR – old and new challenges

  • EU data sharing principles revisited
  • Lessons learnt from Board of Appeal Decisions
  • Emerging data issues
  • Impact of Brexit on data sharing
  • New BPF concept
  • New data requirements (endocrine disrupting properties)
  • Global data sharing

Darren Abrahams, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium
Hannah Widemann, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

16.15 BPR and MDR – a comparison

  • Requirements and registration process
  • Products under both regimes
  • Significant challenges of BPR and MDR


16.40 Panel discussion
17.20 End of the first conference day

18.15 Departure time for the evening event
After the end of the first conference day, Akademie Fresenius would like to invite you to a leisurely dinner at the restaurant Joseph’s in the Rheinau harbour. You have the opportunity of better getting to know other participants you met during the day over a relaxed meal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Thursday, 22 October 2020

9.00 Welcome address by the Chair
Hannah Widemann, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Specific Regulatory Areas


9.10 “Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen”: In situ substances in the BPR – a device manufacturer’s view

  • Looking back at our personal experience with regulatory issues on in situ substances
  • Where are we now? Two different approaches for product authorisation
  • What will the future bring?

Tatjana Röder, aquagroup, Germany

9.35 In situ generated active substances – authority experience

  • Major challenges in the evaluation of in situ generated active substances
  • Data requirements for the in situ generation system
  • Recommendations for the applicants

Dominik Altmann, Environment Agency Austria, Austria

10.00 Coffee break

10.20 Biocidal product families – authority view

Marcel Hulsman, Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb), The Netherlands

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 How to approach the new BPF concept?

  • Similar composition: Backbone composition and grouping of co-formulants
  • Similar uses: Decision tree and matrix of uses
  • Similar level of risk and efficacy: Core composition, subset and extension

Nathalie Hanon, Cethra, Spain

11.40 Biocidal product families – consultancy view

  • Impact of the revised BPF concept and challenges in setting up BPF strategies
  • Experiences with authorities – diverging eCA approaches and need for a level playing field
  • Role of service providers – Identification of authorisation options and advice for priority setting

Michael Werner, Prosacon, Germany


12.05 Biocides: Part of the solution for a sustainable economy

  • The value of biocides in the current regulatory framework
  • Recognising the benefits of biocides: some case examples
  • Ensuring the future: where do we go from here?

Ian Watt, DowDuPont, United Kingdom

12.30 Panel discussion
13.00 Lunch and end of the conference






Darren Abrahams

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Darren Abrahams enables clients throughout the chemicals and life sciences supply chain to get and keep their products on the European Union market. He focuses on defense of products through strategic advice, advocacy before institutions and agencies, and litigation before EU and national courts and tribunals. He has a wealth of experience with the EU regulation of biocidal products, plant protection products (agrochemicals), REACH, classification, labelling and packaging, GM food and feed, cosmetics, and endocrine disruptors. Darren is recognized Europe-wide for his Environment and Agro/Food practice by Chambers Europe, who quotes clients’ praise for his work: "he is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field - a very good communicator who is responsive and strategically savvy."


Andy Adams

Bayer Crop Science, France

Andy Adams has many years of experience working in European regulatory affairs for biocides and moved into a public and governmental affairs role at Bayer CropScience in 2014 where he is now the Global Issues Lead for Insecticides and Fungicides. With specific focus on endocrine disruptors, he currently represents Crop Life International and the ECPA as Chair of their ED Expert Groups.


Dominik Altmann

Environment Agency Austria, Austria

Dominik Altmann is Ecotoxicologist and joined the Environment Agency Austria in 2012. He is evaluating active substance approvals und product applications and has been the project manager for the approval procedure of active substances since 2013.


David Ashworth

Klarus Consulting, United Kingdom

David Ashworth is the Managing Director of Klarus Consulting, which advises the biocides and biocidal products community on building and delivering safe and effective claims. He is also Chairman of BluTest, a contract microbiology testing and development company.


Vincent Delvaux

European Commission, Belgium

Estevan Martínez

Carmen Estevan Martínez

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Finland

Carmen Estevan Martinez joined ECHA’s Biocides Assessment Unit in 2014 and is currently the Process Coordination for the active substance approval process. She has been the Chair of the ad hoc Biocidal Product Committee Working Group on the Human Exposure (HEAdhoc) since 2016.


Andrew Goodyear

ERM , United Kingdom

Andrew Goodyear has over thirty years’ experience in regulation and risk assessment of chemicals, working in industry, contract research and consultancy sectors. Andrew has concentrated on the regulation of biocides since 2007 and has a lead consulting position providing technical advice, regulatory awareness and strategy for a wide range of biocide companies supporting active substance approval and product authorisation within the EU. Andrew has a background in the environmental fate and behaviour of chemicals. Andrew lives and works in Harrogate in the UK. He has a Degree in Chemistry and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK.


Nathalie Hanon

Cehtra, Spain

Nathalie has over 20 years of experience, in the plant protection products business as well in the biocide business. Among her past activities she has led the EU Regulatory department of a major biocides production company. For more than two years, Nathalie has been appointed Manager of CEHTRA SL (Spain) and head the EU Biocides group of CEHTRA SAS (an EU/WW Regulatory compliance company).


Marcel Hulsman

Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb), Belgium


Mary Iakovidou

Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI), Sweden

Mary Iakovidou represents Sweden at the Standing Committee and Competent Authority meetings for biocides. She acted as expert adviser during the negotiation of Biocidal Products Regulation and also has recently monitored developments in chemical legislation review and forward planning on chemical policy within the EU.


Stine Jensen

Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Denmark

Stine Jensen is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and has been working as a Toxicologist at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency since June 2018.


Sam Lee

Chemtopia, South Korea

Sam Lee is currently working in K-BPR regulatory affairs as a Junior Consultant in Chemtopia. He participated in a project of the South Korea Ministry of Environment on the legislation of K-BPR sub regulation and K-BPR regulatory consulting support for small and middle sized enterprises.


Tatjana Röder

Aquagroup, Germany

Tatjana Röder studied at the University of Regensburg (Germany) and the University of Boulder, CO (USA). After graduation (M.A.) she worked for a management consultancy company in telecommunication. Afterwards she gained expertise in customer relation management and to complete her portfolio she achieved a diploma in communications management. Tatjana has accompanied aquagroup AG from the very beginning in 2004, starting off in order processing, customer relation management and technical support. Today she is responsible for business development, IT, marketing and - last but not least - regulatory issues. Since aquagroup is specialized in building in-situ devices to generate active chlorine from sodium chloride by electrolysis, her special interests are in-situ active substances and products. She has published several articles on this topic.


Ian Watt

DowDuPont, United Kingdom

Ian Watt is the Global Advocacy and Government Affairs Manager for the Microbial Control business within the Industrial Biosciences division of DowDuPont. Ian has a degree in chemical engineering and a career spanning more than 20 years in biocides, comprising commercial management and regulatory and product stewardship functions. Ian is currently Vice-Chair of the CEFIC European Biocidal Products Forum.


Michael Werner

Prosacon, Germany

Michael Werner is a Chemist and Eurotox registered Toxicologist with an over 20 years track record in hazard, exposure and risk assessments in various regulatory areas including classification and labelling. In his present role as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager and Assistant to the Managing Director, he leads the biocides team and provides regulatory as well as scientific/technical advice to clients for the preparation of biocidal active substance/product dossiers. Another focus of his work is the development of tailor-made dossier strategies for the authorisation of biocidal products/product families including animal safety and dietary risk assessment of biocides.


Hannah Widemann

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Hannah Widemann advises clients on EU regulatory compliance questions in the areas of chemical and product regulations, including REACH, CLP, biocides, plant protection products, and fertilizers. Her work includes product defense and litigation strategies before the European Court of Justice and the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as well as supporting clients with (data sharing) negotiations, contracts, and potential disputes.



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