9th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "Health Claims and Functional Ingredients"

04.06. - 05.06.2019, Atrium Hotel Mainz/Germany

9th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "Health Claims and Functional Ingredients"

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Update on the Regulatory Background

  • Recent jurisdiction
  • First experiences with the Novel Food Regulation
  • Regulation (EU) 2019/343: Generic descriptors
  • Legitimate information vs. prohibition of claims

Application and Authorisation

  • Reports from Member States: Italy and The Netherlands
  • Application procedures under the new Novel Food Regulation
  • Impact of the new transparency rules on innovation

Nutrition and Functional Ingredients

  • Perspective for health claims: probiotics and microbiome by dietary fiber
  • Sports nutrition
  • Marketing of Omega-3 and other fatty acids

Share industry experience and get the latest news on regulatory issues!

Who do you meet?

Sectors that should take part

  • Food industry: manufacturers of food products, functional foods, dietetic food, nutraceuticals, food ingredients, food supplements, food additives 
  • Food retailers 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Medicinal industry 
  • Regulatory authorities 
  • Research institutes

Groups that should take part

Managing Directors, Boards of Directors, Members of Supervisory Boards, Managers and Scientists in the fields of: 

  • Food law 
  • Legal and regulatory affairs 
  • Regulatory support 
  • Registration / authorisation 
  • Business development 
  • Product management 
  • Marketing and sales

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

8.30 Registration and coffee

9.00 Welcome address by Akademie Fresenius and introduction by the Chair

Andreas Meisterernst, Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm), Germany

The Legal Frame

9.10 Legal news

  • European Court Of Justice: “Schwabe/Queisser”
  • German Jurisdiction on Beauty Claims
  • Recent changes in the Novel Food Catalogue

Andreas Meisterernst, Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm), Germany

9.50 First experiences with the new Novel Food Regulation

  • Novel Food Regulation 2019
  • Responsibilities and processes
  • New monitoring obligations = better surveillance?
  • Update on data protection

Christian Ballke, Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm), Germany

10.20 Panel discussion

10.40 Coffee break

11.10 Legitimate information vs. prohibition of claims

  • Do communications based on facts that contain objective statements fall under the scope of the Claims Regulation?
  • Relevance of the consumer protection objective as laid down in the Claims Regulation
  • Role of the freedom of commercial speech in the EU legal system and its interpretation by the EU Courts
  • Recommendations – keeping it safe

Sebastián Romero Melchor, Food Compliance International, Singapore

11.50 Chill the gin! Derogations for generic descriptors

  • Why it took 13 years
  • Regulation (EU) 2019/343 in detail
  • More to come?

Andreas Kadi, sraConsulting, Austria

12.20 German list of substances

  • Update
  • Conceptual design
  • New categories

Evelyn Breitweg-Lehmann, German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL)

12.50 Panel discussion

13.15 Lunch

Application and Authorisation

14.30 Claims on Botanicals: the Italian view

Paola Corte, Studio Legale Corte, Italy

15.00 What’s cooking in The Netherlands? A 30-minute report from a Member State

  • Update selfregulatory decisions / court cases
  • NVWA enforcement activities in 2019
  • Challenges for Dutch companies

Sarah Arayess, Hoogenraad & Haak, The Netherlands

15.30 Panel discussion

15.50 Coffee break

16.20 Application procedures under the new Novel Food Regulation

  • Overview about the different procedures
  • The e-submission platform
  • Timelines

Anne-Marie Orth, RDA Scientific Consultants, Germany

16.50 Impact of the new transparency rules on innovation

  • What’s new and what’s the same under the new regulatory framework
  • The impact of disclosure rules on study design and regulatory strategies
  • Protecting competitive information and trade secrets
  • EU transparency vis-a-vis US: is US home to innovation?

Francesco Planchenstainer, Ferrero Group, Luxembourg

17.30 Panel discussion

17.45 End of first conference day

18.45 Departure time for the evening event

After the first conference day Akademie Fresenius would like to invite you to a leisurely evening at the Ingelheimer Winzerkeller in the wine-growing region Rheinhessen. You have the opportunity of better getting to know other participants you met during the day over a relaxed wine tasting and meal.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

9.00 Welcome address by the Chair

Andreu Palou, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain

Nutrition and Functional Ingredients

9.10 Health claims and nutrition information

  • Healths claims
  • Nutrition labelling
  • Nutrient profile
  • Precision nutrition

Andreu Palou

9.50 What sports nutrition teach us about amino acid scoring as a measure of protein quality

  • The recommendations of the FAO Report that were not talked about in the last 5 years
  • Regulating protein quality in food labels and claims vs. new science in nutrition
  • Case-studies: there is more to protein than its amino acid content

Suzane Leser, Gelita, Germany

10.20 Understanding probiotics in a European context

  • Summary of the situation on probiotics in the EU
  • How to reshape the strategies of the probiotic food and food supplements industry
  • Explanation of the legal context
  • Activity undertaken by IPA Europe at global level

Rosanna Pecere, IPA Europe, Belgium

10.50 Panel discussion

11.10 Coffee break

11.40 Modulation of the microbiome by dietary fiber – perspective for health claims

  • Dietary recommendations – fiber gap – Implications for the microbiome
  • Microbiome-mediated health benefits of dietary fiber
  • Microbiome-targeted health claims – EFSA requirements
  • Study design – critical issues
  • Dietary fiber – perspective for health claim microbiome-mediated health benefit

Stoffer Loman, NutriClaim, The Netherlands

12.10 Marketing of Omega-3 fatty acids: perspective of an ingredients company

  • General and individual needs
  • Bioavailability and measurement of omega-3 status
  • Value of omega-3 supplementation

Bernd Haber, BASF, Germany

12.40 Panel discussion and closing remarks

13.00 Lunch buffet and end of the conference





Sarah Arayess

Hoogenraad & Haak, The Netherlands

Sarah Arayess is a recognized food and advertising lawyer in The Netherlands. Her activities range from advising to litigation and she is regularly asked to be a speaker or chair for (inter)national food-related conferences.


Christian Ballke

Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm), Germany

Christian Ballke is a Partner of the law firm Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte in Munich, Germany. He advises and represents his clients on food law matters and on issues of intellectual property law, especially trademark and unfair competition law.


Evelyn Breitweg-Lehmann

Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), Germany

Evelyn Breitweg-Lehmann works as Head of Unit for General Affairs, Food at the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).


Paola Corte

Studio Legale Corte, Italy

Paola Corte is a partner of Studio Legale Corte | Foodlaw.it (law firm) in Italy. She advises food business operators on developing new products and verifying the compliance of food composition, labeling and advertising, and is an experienced litigator in cases related to the infringements of food law in Italy.


Bernd Haber

BASF, Germany

Bernd Haber is a Food Chemist and with BASF since 2005. He held various positions in the food additives and ingredients industry. He is member of several international and national associations and scientific organisations.


Andreas Kadi

sraConsulting, Austria

Andreas Kadi is a Food Chemist and Founder of sraConsulting. He advises companies, associations and authorities in Europe and worldwide on scientific and regulatory aspects of food safety and information. He has over 20 years of experience in global FMCG companies including the efficacy and safety of functional ingredients, food labelling and claims.


Suzane Leser

Gelita, Germany

Suzane Leser is the Director of Nutrition Communication for the Business Unit Health & Nutrition at Gelita. She is an accredited Nutritionist with nearly 20 years of experience in the food industry. She joined Gelita in January 2018 bringing expertise in sports nutrition and proteins from previous roles.


Stoffer Loman

NutriClaim, The Netherlands

Stoffer Loman is a Senior Consultant at Nutriclaim. Recently, the EU FP7-funded MyNewGut-project (2013 - 2018) has been concluded. In this project consortium of over 30 parties, he was allocated the task of Work Package (WP) Leader of the WP specifically devoted to, amongst other tasks, provide technical guidance for microbiome-related health claims.


Andreas Meisterernst

Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm), Germany

Andreas Meisterernst is a Lawyer at Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte (law firm) in Munich, Germany. He is a visiting lecturer at the Technical University of Munich as well as author and editor of a large number of publications.


Anne-Marie Orth

RDA Scientific Consultants, Germany

Anne-Marie Orth is a state certified food chemist working for RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH since 2014. Her doctoral thesis was embedded in an EU funded project (FACET). She regularly works on various authorisation procedures.


Andreu Palou

University of the Balearic Islands, Spain

Andreu Palou is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of the Balearic Islands in Spain. His main research is in the field of Molecular Nutrition and Food Science.


Rosanna Pecere

IPA Europe, Belgium

Rosanna Pecere, lawyer by education, has more than 20 years of experience in European Public Affairs, advocacy and networking activities with high-level EU and national stakeholders. Prior to joining IPA Europe, she worked for the Italian Dairy Association, Assolatte, where she was Head of the Brussels Office.


Francesco Planchenstainer

Ferrero Group, Luxembourg

Francesco Planchenstainer is a Senior Regulatory Counsel at Ferrero Group, a global leader in confectionery and chocolate manufacturing. After collecting experience in the US special nutrition industry, he currently supports Ferrero‘s regulatory strategy for innovation at the global level.

Romero Melchor

Sebastián Romero Melchor

Food Compliance International, Singapore

Sebastian Romero Melchor is the founder of Food Compliance International. He has a substantial experience in EU food regulatory matters, after serving in the European Commission and top-tier international law firms in Brussels. Sebastian is widely known in the industry as one of the leading professionals in the food and nutrition regulation and recognized as top tier food lawyer by LEGAL 500.



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