Autumn 2020, Location to be announced shortly

19th International Akademie Fresenius Conference "The Biocidal Products Regulation"


Given the current developments regarding the Corona Virus outbreak, we have decided to postpone the Akademie Fresenius Conference “The Biocidal Products Regulation“ to autumn 2020. All participants of the conference have been informed by us via e-mail. We are working tirelessly to set a new date for the conference and will be sharing the definite date with you shortly. Over the next few weeks, we will be providing you with more information and keep you updated.



Regulatory Aspects

  • Latest update from the EU Commission
  • ECHA’s current activities regarding biocides
  • Progress and challenges regarding the aims of the BPR
  • Latest developments of the Korea BPR

Endocrine Disruptors

  • Application regarding the ED criteria – authority and industry view

Treated Articles

  • Methods to assess the risk of human contact with treated articles
  • Preservation of articles

Specific Regulatory Areas

  • Member state experience with in situ generated active substances
  • In situ substances in the BPR – a device manufacturer´s view
  • Industry perspective on biocidal product families
  • The Ctgb on their experience with biocidal product families

Current Legal Challenges

• BPR and Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
• New challenges of data sharing under the BPR

Receive the latest information directly from the most relevant regulatory authorities and experts from industry and academia!

Who do you meet?

You will meet authorities, such as directors, heads, managers and consultants of:

  •     Legal and regulatory affairs
  •     Registration and authorisation
  •     Research and development
  •     Product safety
  •     Product management
  •     Regulatory science

Sectors taking part:

  •     Chemical and biocides industry
  •     Producers of biocidal products
  •     Industrial, professional and downstream users of biocides 
  •     Research institutes
  •     Regulatory authorities
  •     Environmental and health risk consultants
  •     Professional associations

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