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Guidance on the assessment of exposure of operators, workers, residents and bystanders in risk assessment of plant protection products

In the evaluation of plant protection products, models are frequently employed to estimate human exposure while using these products. In 2014, EFSA introduced a guidance for assessing the exposure of operators, workers, residents, and bystanders when evaluating the risks associated with plant protection products. This guidance was created to assist risk assessors and applicants in quantifying potential systemic exposure (non-dietary) as part of the risk assessment process for these products. In 2021, the guidance was updated, incorporating additional scenarios and revising default values based on the evaluation of new evidence.
To aid users in conducting exposure and risk assessments, the online calculator, aligned with the guidance, has been updated. It now includes new scenarios for indoor greenhouse use and updated data on mixing and loading. Additionally, crop parameters and default values for humans have been revised. However, even with these updates, the model remains somewhat challenging to navigate. Notable differences from the old EFSA 2014 model pose a few challenges, such as the necessity to specify the correct plant group. Furthermore, the model does not cover exposure evaluation for amateur (home-garden) products or other application methods (e.g., pre-planting and post-harvest treatments or seed treatment).
To address these issues, we offer an online training titled "Introduction: Operator, Resident, Bystander, Worker Exposure Risk Assessment" on 30 November and 1 December 2023. The first day of the course serves as an introduction and background session, providing insights into the different groups exposed (operators, bystanders/residents, and workers) and how the various exposure models generate their estimates. On the second day, the course will include four practical exercises.
You can register here to gain the skills needed to work effectively with this updated tool.
Credit: EFSA 

Picture Credit: © Seahorsevector – AdobeStock

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