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REACH Revision: What to expect

Under the framework of the European Green Deal and the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission is gearing up for a comprehensive revision of the REACH regulation. This initiative aims to enhance the protection of human health and the environment against hazardous chemicals while fostering innovation in the pursuit of safer and more sustainable alternatives. Originally scheduled for Q4 2022, the revision has been rescheduled to Q4 2023, as per the European Commission's work program for 2023. 

Following extensive stakeholder consultations and impact assessments, several key proposals are under consideration, including: 

  • Revising registration requirements 

  • Introducing a mixtures assessment factor 

  • Simplifying communication in supply chains 

  • Reforming the authorisation and restriction processes 

  • Enhancing control and enforcement provisions 

The specific impact on industries will depend on the final Commission proposal and subsequent implementation. Key questions regarding authorizations, restrictions, and new obligations for manufacturers, importers, and downstream users are yet to be clarified. However, it is clear that this revision will bring significant changes, particularly in addressing new hazard classes. 

For businesses involved in substances, mixtures, and articles containing Substances of Very High Concern, it's advisable to begin assessing the potential impacts of the REACH Revision on their products. Furthermore, they should stay informed about the adoption of new legislation and get ready for compliance. 

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Source: REACHLaw, European Parliament

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