Detergents and Cleaning Products

For many years, this biannual conference has been the perfect platform for bringing together industry experts from all over Europe. Learn about the latest developments in the field of R&D, analytics, quality assurance and performance testing. Stay up to date on market trends, sustainability efforts, new raw materials, packaging and product efficiency.

24.09. — 25.09.2024
Atrium Hotel Mainz
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Receive the latest information and meet your peers on site!

For many years, this conference has been the ideal platform for bringing together experts from all over Europe. It's time to meet again in Mainz in September!

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The topics at a glance:

Trends and innovation

  • Current market development: channels & segments, price & promotion
  • Packaging sizes: promote sustainability and economic efficiency
  • Innovation impulse: the sense of urgency or ‘what is actually going on out there?’

Regulatory landscape

  • Revision of the Detergents Regulation
  • Detergent regulation worldwide: labelling, registration and requirements beyond the EU Going Green
  • Revision of EU Ecolabel criteria for cleaning products
  • Use of renewable carbon-based ingredients
  • Carbon footprint of Home Care formulations
  • Household washing machines: measurement methods for microplastics in the effluent water

Efficiency testing

  • Latest test results from Stiftung Warentest
  • Pre-treating behaviour before loading items into dishwasher
  • Ultrasound for the pre-treatment of stains in laundry cleaning
  • Measuring whiteness maintenance
  • Odour testing for product optimisation

Who should attend this conference?

  • Home care brand owners and manufacturers
  • Chemical, raw material and ingredient companies
  • Household appliance and hardware manufacturers
  • Academics, researchers, and consultants
  • Retailers and distributors

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Tuesday, 24 September 2024

Morning Session | 09:00 – 12:45 CEST
Registration and coffee
Welcome address by the organisers and the Chair

Dirk Bockmühl, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Revision of the Detergents Regulation
  • Status and timing for the Detergents Regulation revision
  • Main provisions introduced in the revision: challenges and opportunities for the industry

Julie Janssis, A.I.S.E., Belgium

Detergent regulation worldwide: Labelling, registration and other requirements beyond the EU
  • Detergents – a special class of chemical products
  • Regulation of cleaning products in selected non-EU countries
  • Challenges caused by development of new markets and sustainability goals

Christoph Schwarz, knoell Germany, Germany

Panel discussion
Coffee break
Current market development in detergents and cleaning products categories
  • Current channel & segment development
  • Price & promotion development
  • Premiumisation
  • E-Com

Yvonne Hornung, NielsenIQ, Germany

Clean and Green: Selected projects in the field of homecare and laundry detergents covering consumer-relevant and sustainable criteria

Sara Wagner-Leifhelm, Stiftung Warentest, Germany

EU Ecolabel for detergents and cleaning products – Quo vadis?
  • Overview of the currently valid criteria
  • Revision process: what can be expected?

Sebastian Burck, RAL / EU Ecolabel competent body for Germany

Panel discussion
Lunch break

Afternoon Session | 14:00 – 17:30 CEST
State of the art odour testing methods in the application of cleaning products
  • Odour sampling and testing methods
  • Case studies: Odour reduction measurement of vacuum cleaner bags and laundry detergents

Alina Beier, Olfasense, Germany

Pre-treating behaviour before loading items into dishwasher: observation of consumer habits and measurement of resource consumption

Matthäus Ryl, SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany

How to adress the modern-day needs with highly efficient enzymes for ADW
  • Today’s consumer habits and and the tough stains they face while washing the dishes
  • How enzymes can help to tackle these tough stains such as egg on stainless steel under modern-day convenient wash conditions like short cycles

Nergis Ulubilir Coskun, IFF, The Netherlands

Panel discussion
Coffee break
Enabling sustainable dishwashing habits: switch to short
  • Understanding consumer needs and new habits
  • Short cycle profile vs. other automatic dish cycles
  • Ideas for innovation and collaboration

Pauline Minot, Procter & Gamble, Belgium

The i-point: With your own talent, inspiration & desire to innovate. An ‚i‘ for your individual talent, an ‚i‘ for
inspirations, and an ‚i‘ for relevant innovations
  • Find your unique talent
  • Sense of Urgency or ‘what is actually going on out there?’
  • A commitment and ‚yes‘ to a positive culture of innovation
  • 3 pillars of Inspirations
  • Final & hacks to innovation

Jens Bode, instant innovate, Germany

Final discussion
End of the first conference day
Joint evening event

Welcome to the Winzerkeller Ingelheim! You are most welcome to attend our evening event in the historic walls of one of the red wine town‘s most historic buildings. Join us to continue the day’s interesting discussions in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and enjoy an unhurried evening of good food and leisure time.

Wednesday, 25 September 2024

Morning Session | 09:00 – 13:30 CEST
Brief address by the Chair

Dirk Bockmühl, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

New challenges for the successful use of renewable carbon-based ingredients
  • Supply chain certification: overview of RSPO, ISCC, REDCert2
  • New mass-balanced biogenic ingredients: Henkel cooperation with BASF for RedCert2
  • SCS: new standard designed for the US together with Shell (for corn based ingredients, mass balanced)

Christine Schneider, Henkel, Germany

Cutting emissions of Home Care formulations – How far can you go?
  • From product to formulation carbon footprint
  • Tracking down the main emission drivers in Home Care formulations
  • Potential levers to reduce GHG emissions

Bianca Seelig, BASF, Germany

Do more with less – the power of product compaction
  • How new developments in household detergents help to promote sustainability and economic efficiency

Peter Schriddels, McBride/Chemolux, Luxembourg

Panel discussion
Coffee break
Sustainable laundry detergents – how sustainable can they be?
  • Novel approaches in increasing the sustainability of laundry detergents: a “no dogma approach” on how the future of sustainable detergents may look like

Cornelius Bessler, Bessler Consulting, Germany

Household washing machines today and new challenges
  • Triangle textiles & washing machines & detergents
  • Regulation and standardisation
  • Consumer relevant performance measurements
  • Measurement methods for microplastics in the effluent water

Gundula Czyzewski, BSH Home Appliances Group

Short break
Laundry boosters as enablers of superior cleaning and of a sustainable laundry process
  • Our sustainability ambition in laundry
  • Resistance along the path of a sustainable laundry process and opportunities
  • How laundry boosters can enable a sustainable laundry process

Luca Spadoni, Reckitt Benckiser, Italy

Household laundry cleaning: Use and effect of ultrasound for the pre-treatment of stains
  • Effect of ultrasound and use of handheld ultrasonic devices
  • Ultrasound in Sinner‘s circle
  • Possible energy savings

Tobias Kimmel, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany

New ways of looking at white
  • Sustainability concerns require us to look differently on whiteness leading to increased importance of what is called basic whiteness
  • Cellulase and PDE performance prompts the need of having new ways of measuring whiteness maintenance

Matias Emil Moses, Novonesis, Denmark

Final discussion
Lunch and end of the conference






Alina Beier

Olfasense, Germany

Alina is Head of Laboratory and project manager in the Olfasense department of product and material testing, assisting our international clients in assessing and optimising the sensory attributes of their products and materials from request to report. She holds an M.Sc. in Food Science from Kiel University.


Cornelius Bessler

Bessler Consulting, Germany

Cornelius Bessler is the founder and CEO of Bessler Consulting GmbH and helps companies in the FMCG sector to be successful in the market by bespoke consulting. Prior to Bessler Consulting, Cornelius held several senior positions in RD&, Regulatory and Marketing with Henkel and Dial – a Henkel company, the last one being head of R&D Laundry & Home Care & Personal Care at dalli group. Cornelius used to be the president of the corporate supporting members group of AISE and is currently the president of the SEPAWA group Legislation, Environment and Consumer (LUV). Cornelius has a degree in Chemistry, is married and has two children.


Prof. Dr. Dirk Bockmühl

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Dirk Bockmühl obtained his PhD in Microbiology on the molecular pathogenicity of Candida albicans. Until 2010 he worked in the consumer goods industry, where he was responsible for numerous microbiological projects for cosmetics and the laundry and home care sector. Afterwards he changed to the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve, Germany, as a professor for hygiene and microbiology. His research interest is in domestic hygiene, especially in the development of consumer-related test methods for laundry and cleaning, and in the research on microbial communities in the domestic setting. Professor Bockmühl is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Sepawa and a board member of the division \"Chemistry of Laundering\" in the German Chemical Society (GDCh).


Jens Bode

instant innovate, Germany

Jens Bode is a passionate innovator and he inspires, from practice - for practice, with over 24 years of experience in the industry and as 'the innologist®'. He supports companies as a sparring partner in the early innovation phase, with trends & scenarios, and as an 'external think tank', with concrete ideas through to the first prototypes. Jens is an author, lecturer, keynote speaker and loves discovering the new, promoting creative talents in companies and unleashing innovation potential.


Sebastian Burck

RAL, Germany


Gundula Czyzewski

BSH Home Appliances Group, Germany

Gundula Czyzewski studied Process Technology at the Technical University Halle-Merseburg. She has been working at BSH Hausgeräte, Berlin, Germany since 1991. As Senior Expert Washing Systems in the area of pre-development and washing technology, she is currently working on innovative solutions in laundry care. Gundula is actively involved in international, European and German standardisation: She has more than 30 years of experience in washing appliance function development and performance measurement and related standardisations, currently with a focus on washing machines and microplastics from textile sources.


Yvonne Hornung

Nielsen IQ (Germany)

Yvonne has 20+ years of experience in consultancy, marketing research, FMCG category knowlege and FMCG trends. She currently leads NIQs local FMCG commercial team in Germany.


Julie Janssis

A.I.S.E. International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, Belgium

Julie Janssis is Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager for A.I.S.E., the European Detergents and Maintenance Products Association. Having a master in chemistry from the ULB in Brussels, she gained experience in regulatory affairs though working in industries active in the medical devices and personal protective equipment sectors.


Tobias Kimmel

Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Tobias Kimmel has been Professor of Cleaning Technology at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld, Germany, since 2012 until today. Before joining Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, he was with Miele & Cie. KG, Gütersloh, Germany from 2005 to 2012. There he was involved in the design of washing processes, development of detergents and dosing systems. From 2000 to 2005 he worked at the Department of Technical Chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin. He was a member of the research group Microemulsions and Reaction Kinetics. In 2004, he completed his doctoral thesis. Tobias Kimmel is currently a member of several associations: FIT Fachverband Industrielle Teilereinigung e.V.; IHO Industrieverband Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh) and SEPAWA e.V., the association of the detergent/cleaning agent industry and the cosmetics/perfumery industry. He is also member of the scientific advisory board of the GDCh expert group Chemie des Waschens and of the scientific advisory board of SEPAWA, the professional association of the detergent/cleaning agent industry and the cosmetics/perfume industry, as well as 1st chairman of the SEPAWA expert group Professional Cleaning and Care (PRP).


Matias Emil Moses

Novonesis, Denmark

Matias Emil Moses, PhD, is working as Senior Research Scientist at Novonesis. His main areas of work include (i) developing new ways of testing and quantifying detergent performance (with special focus on whiteness) and (ii) studying enzyme mode-of-action in laundry applications. Before joining Novonesis (prev. Novozymes) he did a PhD in biophysics (single-molecule enzymology) at University of Copenhagen.


Matthäus Ryl

SGS Institut Fresenius, Germany


Christine Schneider

Henkel, Germany

Christine joined Henkel in 2003 and works as a Senior Manager R&D Sustainability / Circularity in Henkel Consumer Brands. At Henkel’s Steering Sustainability Committee she is responsible for Palm related topics, other renewables as well as scope 3 emissions.


Peter Schriddels

McBride/Chemolux, Luxembourg

Peter Schriddels, Head of Product and Strategic Marketing, is responsible for the product portfolio management and the long-term strategic direction for Private Label dishwash and laundry pre-dosed products across Europe at McBride in Luxembourg. He studied economics at the University in Wuppertal and joined McBride in 2010. Within different roles in category development he is bringing as well high experience in all household detergent categories with a dedicated focus of the German market.


Christoph Schwarz

knoell, Germany

Christoph Schwarz studied food chemistry and toxicology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe, Germany. He received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria. Since 2012 has been working for knoell Germany GmbH in the field of Product Safety and Stewardship. For several years, he has focused on the subject of Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) and detergents. Christoph has over 10 years of experience in consulting and supporting clients, in the areas of Classification, Labelling, Safety Data Sheets, Poison Centre Notifications and national product registrations. His clients range from manufacturers of industrial chemicals to consumer products, from major global players to small start-ups, from plant protection to detergents and other product groups.


Bianca Seelig

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition, Germany

Bianca Seelig is Stakeholder Manager in the field of Strategy Implementation & Projects for Oleosurfactants at BASF Personal Care and Nutrition in Monheim, Germany.


Luca Spadoni

Reckitt Benckiser, Italy

Luca Spadoni is a chemist by education; graduated at the University of Rome in 1994. He started carrier in P&G in the Laundry Additives Groups before moving to Benckiser Spain in 1998 as Support Chemist for Western Europe and then to Reckitt Italy in 2000, where he has held various positions. He is currently R&D Site Director for the Reckitt Fabric Care R&D in Venice and R&D Director for the Vanish global product portfolio.

Ulubilir Coskun

Nergis Ulubilir Coskun

IFF, The Netherlands

Nergis Ulubilir Coskun is responsible for the Global Marketing for Dishwashing at IFF H&B Home and Personal Care in The Netherlands. She has an MBA degree and she has 12 years experience in Home Care Industry.


Sara Wagner-Leifhelm

Stiftung Warentest, Germany

Sara Wagner-Leifhelm holds a PhD in analytical chemistry. She is currently working as a project manager for Stiftung Warentest and is engaged in the testing of washing and cleaning agents among others. She has several years of experience in analytical and product development in an industrial environment.



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