Regulatory Toxicology of Active Substances in Plant Protection Products

Representatives from EFSA, the regulatory authorities, the plant protection industry as well as from the scientific fields will be talking about those topics which are currently the most exciting in the area of toxicology and hazard assessment of active substances in plant protection products.

13.05. — 14.05.2024
Online Conference
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  • EFSA/ECHA Guidance document on the development of residues in drinking water
  • OECD Guidance on residue definition – final stage

Read-across in toxicological assessments

  • Modernized approach to assess crop protection chemical safety and eliminating specific mammalian toxicity studies

Skin sensitisation

  • Workshop output: “Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of skin sensitising pesticides”

Data requirements

  • New active substance data requirements for microorganisms
  • Data requirements for dog studies

Cumulative assessment

  • EFSA Scientific Report: Specific effects in kidneys relevant for dietary cumulative risk assessment of pesticide residues

Evaluation of pesticides

  • Workshop output: Use and interpretation of historical control data in (eco)toxicity studies

Who do you meet?

Professionals in the fields of:

  • Toxicology
  • Registration
  • Human exposure & risk assessment
  • Research & development
  • Product stewardship & responsible care
  • Consumer safety – crop protection
  • Marketing & distribution

Sectors that should take part:

  • Agrochemical industry
  • Research institutes
  • Authorities
  • Professional associations
  • Contract laboratories

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We are currently in the process of compiling our event programme in close cooperation with our team of experienced speakers.

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Susanne Hougaard Bennekou

Danish Patient Safety Authority, Denmark

Susanne Hougaard Bennekou has been a Chief Advisor at the Danish Patient Safety Authority since last year. She has worked in the Division of Risk Assessment and Nutrition at the National Food Institute of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as a Senior Advisor in toxicology since 2019. Previously she was a Senior Advisor in the Pesticide Division of the Danish EPA. She was the Vice-Chair of the EFSA PPR Panel and since 2018 she has been a Vice-Chair of the EFSA Scientific Committee.


Agathi Charistou

Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI), Greece

Agathi Charistou is a Regulatory Toxicologist in the Laboratory of Toxicological Control of Pesticides at the Benaki Phytopathological Institute in Greece with long experience in the evaluation of mammalian toxicology studies and non-dietary exposure assessment to both plant protection products and biocides.


Tamara Coja

Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), Austria

Tamara Coja is a Biologist and has been working as a Senior Regulatory Toxicologist at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) in Vienna. Since 2007 she has been involved in toxicological evaluation of pesticides. Her special regulatory interest is in toxicity of metabolites in residues of plant and animal origin and in groundwater. Since 2018 she is a member of the EFSA PPR Panel and joined working groups. She is also a member of the BfR Committee for Pesticides and their Residues.


Federica Crivellente

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy

Federica Crivellente (PhD) is a Toxicologist working as Senior Scientific Officer in EFSA in the Pesticide Peer Review Unit – Mammalian Toxicology Team since 2012. She graduated in Biology in 1995 and she gained a PhD in Forensic Toxicology in 1999 at the University of Verona (Italy) and a Specialisation in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry at the University of Brescia (Italy) in 2002. After having worked in preclinical development in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, she joined EFSA and her main activities are related to the peer review of the risk assessment of the active substances to be used as plant protection products, and cumulative risk assessment of pesticide residues.


Steven J. Enoch

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Steven J. Enoch is a Reader in Computational Toxicology at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences of the Faculty of Science at the Liverpool John Moores University and has over 15 years’ worth of experience in the field of predictive toxicology. He is an expert in the use of chemical and metabolism information to predict toxicological hazard without the use of animals, especially in the development and application of computational profiling schemes for chemical category formation and read-across.


Monika Kemény

BASF, Germany

Monika Kemény is a Certified Toxicologist and has been a Regulatory Toxicologist at BASF, Germany, since 2006. Before joining BASF she has worked for the DFG Senate Commission on Food Safety (SKLM) since 2002.


Martina Panzarea

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy


Olivier Sanvido

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Switzerland

Olivier Sanvido is a Biologist and an European Registered Toxicologist (ERT). He is the Deputy Head of Section “Chemicals and Occupational Health” at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) in Switzerland and in charge of the regulatory approval of plant protection products, in particular the assessment of operator and worker safety. He was a Research Scientist at Agroscope in Switzerland where he was a specialist on environmental risk assessment and monitoring of genetically modified (GM) plants. He has over 25 years of professional experience including 4 years in regulatory affairs and quality assurance in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.


Douglas C. Wolf

Syngenta Crop Protection, USA

Douglas C. Wolf graduated in 1981 from the University of Missouri with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (D.V.M.) and, after 6 years in clinical veterinary practice, attended Purdue University where, in 1991, he completed a residency in pathology and Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathology. Douglas was a staff scientist for 6 years at the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (CIIT) where he studied chemical carcinogenesis. From 1997 until 2013 Douglas held various research and leadership positions with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he continued research in chemical carcinogenesis and molecular pathology. In 2013 he joined Syngenta Crop Protection and is currently a Senior Syngenta Fellow where he leads international efforts to advance the science of risk assessment focusing on crop protection chemicals. Douglas has authored or coauthored over 155 journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Toxicologic Pathologists and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences.



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