The Biocidal Products Regulation

This conference has become an important international meeting for producers, importers and downstream users of biocidal products. It will be providing information on the current regulatory developments as well as on the implementation of the BPR in the various EU member states.

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24.04. — 25.04.2023
Atrium Hotel Mainz
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Receive all the latest information and meet your peers on site!

The popular Akademie Fresenius Conference “The Biocidal Products Regulation” enters its next round: It is the place to be for everybody involved in biocides! Receive all the latest regulatory updates, meet your peers and join important discussions in a comfortable conference atmosphere. Many participants attend regularly every year – don’t miss out to secure your place for this year’s event, too!


  • Updates from the EU Commission and ECHA
  • Biocides and sustainability: an industry point of view
  • HSE on biocides regulation in the UK
  • National regulations in the EU: The German Biocide Law Implementation Ordinance, the Dutch approach to biocidal product authorisation and national specificities in France
  • Treated articles and the need for assessment during active substance approval
  • EDs: Current industry experience and update of the CLP regulation
  • Challenges and approaches in efficacy testing
  • Living the new BPF concept – lessons learnt and outlook from a regulatory and competition law perspective

Who do you meet?

Professionals working in the fields of:

  • Legal and regulatory affairs
  • Registration and authorisation
  • Research and development
  • Product safety
  • Product management
  • Regulatory science

Sectors that should take part:

  • Biocides industry
  • Industrial, professional and downstream users of biocides
  • Competent authorities, regulatory bodies and research institutes
  • Environmental and health risk consultants
  • Professional associations

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PLEASE NOTE: The indicated times refer to Central European Time CEST.

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Monday, 24 April 2023
On-site registration
Welcome address by the organisers and the Chairs

Michael Werner, Arrow Regulatory, Austria
Hannah Widemann, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Recent Regulatory Developments
Update from the EU Commission

Lena Gruhn, European Commission, Belgium

ECHA’s current activities regarding biocides
  • Update on guidance
  • Review programme – progress and active substance action plan
  • Progress and experiences on renewal of approvals
  • Updates on IT tools

Carmen Estevan Martínez, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Finland

Coffee break
Biocides and sustainability – an industry perspective

Camelia Mihai, European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), Belgium

Preservation – the key to the EU Green Deal

Carsten Baehr, Arxada, Switzerland

Panel discussion
Lunch break
National Regulations
The Great Britain Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR)
  • Reflections on the operation of GB BPR
  • Notable updates
  • Future considerations

Zameer Bhunnoo, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), United Kingdom (virtual presentation)

Overview and introduction to national regulations in the EU
  • Overview of national regulations
  • Level of harmonisation by BPR
  • Room for Member States’ regulations
  • Implications of judgment in case C-147/21

Darren Abrahams, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium
Hannah Widemann, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

The German Biocide Law Implementation Ordinance (ChemBiozidDV)
  • Background and development of the ChemBiozidDV
  • The notification of biocides under the transitional regime (eBIOMELD)
  • The duty to report quantities
  • Specific provisions applicable to the authorisation and requirements for the supply of biocides

Matti Sander, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany

Coffee break
The Dutch approach to biocidal product authorisation
  • National rules and obligations
  • Focus for the future

Jan Willem Andriessen, Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb), The Netherlands

The national specificities of the French market
  • BioCID: the new portal for the declaration of biocidal products and reporting of quantities
  • Poison centres: declaration of all biocidal products to the ECHA portal (PCN)
  • EGALIM: a law designed to raise awareness on biocidal products for the general public with provisions impacting also professionals
  • CERTIBIOCIDE: mandatory training programme for using certain categories of biocidal products

Isabelle Demoment, French association for detergents and maintenance products (FHER)/KERSIA, France

Panel discussion
End of the first day
Joint evening event
After the first conference day you are most welcome to attend our evening event for an unhurried evening of good food and leisure time. Please join us to continue the day’s interesting discussions in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Tuesday, 25 April 2023
Brief welcome by the chairs

Michael Werner, Arrow Regulatory, Austria
Hannah Widemann, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Specific Regulatory and Technical Topics
Treated Articles
Treated articles: need for assessment during active substance approval
  • Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/2054
  • Inherent dangers of treated articles – need for assessment on AS-approval stage
  • Labelling obligations of manufacturers and distributors of treated articles
  • Alternative options for the Commission or Competent Authorities

Henning Krüger, ChemLaw, Germany

Efficacy Testing
Efficacy evaluation of BP and BPFs – recommendation how to choose a representative test product for disinfectants
  • Defining a worst-case test product
  • Designing appropriate bridging studies
  • Approach for efficacy assessment

Viola Weinheimer, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany

Challenges and approaches in efficacy testing
  • Challenges of interpretations of the guidance and during mutual recognition
  • Efficacy guidance V 5.0 vs TAB

Lonne Gerritsen, knoell, The Netherlands

Coffee break
Endocrine Disruptors
EDs: overview of the need of BPR and CLP update
  • BPR requirements for products and active substances
  • CLP update
  • Impact on the regulatory process

Linda Musitelli, Eurofins, Italy

Risk assessment for ED – issues and challenges
  • Industry experience: ED risk assessment under BPR
  • Need for a harmonised and practicable approach in EU
  • Aspects to be considered for a reliable ED risk assessment

Stella Höfl, Alzchem, Germany

Biocidal Product Families
Experience with BPFs
  • Living the new concept – lessons learnt from authorities
  • Advice for BPF applicants – pros and cons of the new concept
  • Outlook on BPF authorisation options from a regulatory and competition law perspective

Michael Werner, Arrow Regulatory, Austria

BPFs and consortia
  • From frame formulations to families and back?
  • Consortia: data sharing, confidentiality, competition law – how to match?
  • Future for biocidal product/family authorisations

Piet Blancquaert, ARCHE Consortia, Belgium

Panel discussion
End of the conference and lunch






Darren Abrahams

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Darren Abrahams enables clients throughout the chemicals and life sciences supply chain to get and keep their products on the European Union market. He focuses on defence of products through strategic advice, advocacy before institutions and agencies, and litigation before EU and national courts and tribunals. He has a wealth of experience with the EU regulation of biocidal products, plant protection products (agrochemicals), REACH, classification, labelling and packaging, GM food and feed, cosmetics, and endocrine disruptors.


Jan Willem Andriessen

Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb), The Netherlands

Jan Willem Andriessen has an education in physics, medicine, environmental sciences, toxicology and epidemiology. He is working at the Dutch Board for the authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb) and has been involved in biocides since 1998, worked on the assessment of human risk and efficacy and is specialised in regulatory affairs. Jan Willem has a broad experience in applying the rules of the BPR, active substance and products assessment, biocides policy, project management, borderline issues and in situ generated biocides. He was account manager at Ctgb for the biocides industry, worked for the Dutch government at the CA meetings and participated in twinning projects on biocides with Slovenia, Serbia and Poland. For the last 8 years, Jan Willem has been working as a Senior Policy Advisor at Ctgb involved in the development of new policies on national and European level. Recent activities were on subjects like in-situ generated biocidal products, IPM implementation for rodenticides and improving instructions for use of phosphide products.


Carsten Baehr

Arxada, Switzerland

Carsten Baehr is a regulatory affairs leader with commercial, scientific and technical expertise in biocides, pesticides, industrial chemicals, personal care and consumer products. For close to 20 years, he has been managing regulatory groups working across the different industry sectors. Carsten currently acts as the Global Director Regulatory Affairs for Arxada Industrial Microbial Control.


Zameer Bhunnoo

Health and Safety Executive (HSE), United Kingdom

Zameer Bhunnoo has 20 years of experience working for HSE, initially employed as a regulatory inspector enforcing health and safety legislation within workplaces. Previous work also included national policy lead for violence at work and representing HSE on the International Labour Organisation’s first international treaty to recognize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment. Zameer was also the national policy lead for mental healthcare and social care. Zameer is now based in the Biocides Policy Team primarily working on the implementation of the Great Britain Biocidal Products Regulation.


Piet Blancquaert

ARCHE Consortia, Belgium

Piet Blancquaert is Biologist by training with specialisation and PhD’s in ecology and toxicology. He has over 20 years of experience in the biocides and plant protection products industries and started his own consultancy business in 2010 where he is focusing on the Biocidal Products Regulation and its impact on the business. His experience allows him to assist companies in their strategies to run a successful business in compliance with the complex European legislative framework. Together with Arche Consulting he also started Arch Consortia to deal with consortia allowing an efficient preparation, submission and follow-up of applications for product authorisations under the BPR.


Isabelle Demoment

French association for detergents and maintenance products (FHER)/KERSIA

Isabelle Demoment is Microbiologist and Regulatory and CSR Director as well as member of the executive committee of Kersia. She has been involved in the deployment of the BPR for 30 years, submitting dossiers for active substances and products and has been dedicating time in different professional associations to promote a good understanding and application of any new regulations.

Estevan Martínez

Carmen Estevan Martínez

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Finland

Carmen Estevan Martínez has been working in ECHA’s Biocides Units for more than 9 years and is currently the Process Coordination for the active substance approval process. She was the Chair of the ad hoc Biocidal Product Committee Working Group on the Human Exposure (HEAdhoc) between 2016-2020.


Lonne Gerritsen

knoell, The Netherlands

Lonne Gerritsen has a background in plant protection research. From 2007 to 2018 she worked for the Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb) as an expert on efficacy of biocides. She was a member of the ECHA BPR WG on efficacy and was involved in the preparation of efficacy guidance over the years. In 2018, she started working for Knoell in the Netherlands as a consultant in regulatory affairs and efficacy expert for biocides. In her current role at Knoell, Lonne is part of Knoell’s efficacy task force and supports clients with her expertise in the efficacy and regulatory area.


Lena Gruhn

European Commission, Belgium

Lena Gruhn is a German lawyer and started working in the legal department of the Federal Office for Chemicals at the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) in 2010. In 2016, she was seconded to work with the Federal Ministry for the environment for one year and since May 2022, she is seconded as a national expert (SNE) to the European Commission working in the biocides team.


Stella Höfl

Alzchem, Germany

Stella Höfl is a Chemist and holds a PhD in pharmacy. At Alzchem Trostberg, she is responsible for the regulatory affairs of agrochemicals worldwide and has long time experience in the field of toxicology and ecotoxicology. Since 2018, she has been involved with the ED assessment under the BPR.


Henning Krüger

ChemLaw, Germany

Henning Krüger is a lawyer at the Dortmund-based law firm ChemLaw, specialised on chemical regulations (BPR, REACH, CLP, Cosmetics etc.). He advises companies from production and trade on product compliance and product stewardship projects and in connection with the drafting of contracts in the supply chain. He also represents companies in corresponding regulatory and judicial proceedings at national and European level and in competition law disputes with competitors. Having worked for several years as the responsible lawyer for the Federal Chemicals Agency at the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Henning is very familiar with all issues of European and national chemicals law.


Camelia Mihai

European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), Belgium

Camelia Mihai joined the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) in 2009 and is currently Biocides for Europe Manager.


Linda Musitelli

Eurofins, Italy

Linda Musitelli's academic background is in biotechnology and chemical and toxicological risk assessment. She joined Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing in Italy in 2017, where she is responsible for activities related to the registration of biocidal products within the consultancy division. Linda helps clients to bring products to market, develop cost-effective strategies and overcome the complex challenges.


Matti Sander

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany

Matti Sander studied law in Münster, Sheffield and Speyer. After completion of his legal clerkship at the regional court of Essen he started working as a legal officer at the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). As of 2009 he is Head of the unit “Chemicals Law Administration” within the Federal Office for Chemicals at BAuA.


Viola Weinheimer

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany

Viola Weinheimer is a Microbiologist working as a Scientific Officer at the Federal Office for Chemicals at the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). She is responsible for the efficacy assessment of active substances and biocidal products in the context of the BPR and is a member of the Biocidal Products Committee (BPC).


Michael Werner

Arrow Regulatory, Austria

Michael Werner is working as an Expert Regulatory Affairs Manager at Arrow Regulatory. His professional background is chemist as well as certified (DGPT) and Eurotox registered toxicologist. He spent the majority of this professional life in consultancies and he worked also for the chemical and plant protection industries. Michael has got almost 30 years of experience in human health hazard, exposure and risk assessments for PPPs, biocides and industrial chemicals. He has been working on biocides for nearly 20 years with a focus on human health, efficacy and regulatory aspects in almost all product types. In his present role at Arrow Regulatory he also provides regulatory as well as scientific/technical advice to biocides clients with a view to the development of tailor-made dossier strategies for the approval of biocidal active substances and authorisation of biocidal products/biocidal product families including their discussion and defence before regulatory authorities at national and EU level.


Hannah Widemann

Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium

Hannah Widemann advises clients on EU regulatory compliance questions in the areas of chemical and product regulations, including REACH, CLP, biocides, plant protection products, and fertilizers. Her work includes product defense and litigation strategies before the European Court of Justice and the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as well as supporting clients with (data sharing) negotiations, contracts, and potential disputes.



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